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Correction Policy

If you believe we have published an error, big or small, we want to hear about it. Accuracy is the foundation of our work and all questions about our published fact checks are taken very seriously. Those which are found to have substance will be thoroughly investigated and a correction will be published.

In the case of a minor error that does not alter the fact-finding result, the necessary correction shall be made to the published text and a footnote will indicate that a correction has been made.

In case of a significant error which questions the result of the fact check, a new fact check will be performed by other team members. New evidence will be sought and compared with the findings of the initial fact check. The team will then try to find the cause of the error. In such cases, the old fact check will be removed and the new fact check will be published. The article will include a thorough and detailed explanation why the original text was removed and the results of the recent review.

Readers are invited to contact us via email ([email protected]) to notify us of any errors in published materials. We review all evidence brought to us and will communicate with the reader about the steps to be made based on our assessment.