About us

Who We Are

Factcheck.bg is the only platform in Bulgaria dedicated solely to fact-checking, an initiative of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ)

The team of non-partisan professional journalists was created by AEJ-Bulgaria in May 2021 to counter the increasing pollution of Bulgaria’s information environment. The project’s objective is to check claims about topics of public interest with significant potential social impact according to the highest standards of professional journalism. To maximize impact, the project focuses on helping Bulgarian journalists differentiate facts from falsehoods on social media, traditional media, public statements by officials and other information sources. The articles on the site are also meant more broadly to inform Bulgarian citizens who are interested in news and public affairs and seeking answers to other questions of social significance.

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is a non-profit association, established in 2010. It is a member of the International Association of European Journalists (www.aej.org), which brings together journalists and independent national associations in over 20 European countries. As a professional association, AEJ establishes positions and lobbies publicly on issues of crucial importance to working journalists across Europe such as freedom of speech, access to information, information integrity and the physical safety of journalists. The association also offers its members the opportunity to participate in a larger national and international professional and social network. The association is an official Observer in the Council of Europe’s Media Steering Committee.