The Lies of 2022 about the War in Ukraine (First Part)

Russia uses an entire arsenal of false claims to justify the attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. See the rebuttals of these claims made by the Factcheck.bg tea, from the beginning of the military conflict until now.

The Kremlin falsely claims that the Ukrainian government is committing genocide against the Russian-speaking population in Eastern Ukraine. There is no evidence to support this claim. Read here and watch here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

It’s false that the authority in Kiev has been seized by neo-Nazis and Russia is carrying out ‘denazification’ of Ukraine. Read here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

Russia has been claiming for years that Ukraine “does not exist” and is “not a country”. The statement that Ukraine “has not registered” its borders since December 25, 1991 at the UN is false. Read here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

The false comparison with the events in former Yugoslavia in 1999 and the subsequent independence of Kosovo is used by Russia as a justification for its military intervention in Ukraine. In 2014, Russia provoked a conflict in Eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea, and in 2022 it launched a full-scale war against Ukraine and annexed four Ukrainian regions. Read here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

Amid fears of a deepening global food crisis, Kremlin is justifying its aggression in Ukraine with humanitarian motifs – Moscow falsely claims it is rescuing Ukrainians from their own government, which is dooming its own population to starvation and destruction. Read here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

Translated by Vanessa Nikolova

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Factcheck.bg is an initiative of the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. The aim of the team is to support the efforts of journalists to provide verified and reliable information by engaging in fact-checking in current news, public speeches and social media posts.

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