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Covid-19 and the Plot to Decrease the Global Population

Covid-19 is merely a plan for global extermination, instilled...

No, the Education MP Doesn’t Suggest Taking Away the Kids of the Non-vaccinated

“We’ll put into motion discontinuing social benefits and taking...

No, Australia Has Not Started a Large-Scale Chip Implantation of People

“With the successful use of propaganda, Australia has begun...

No, vaccines do not increase the risk of spreading serious illness or death to the unvaccinated

Of all the distressing information circulating online about COVID and vaccines, this claim can have significant impact on what may be the most crucial health decision one can make: whether or not to get vaccinated.

It is not true that vaccinated people will not be able to fly

A publication is actively spreading on social networks, according to which the airlines will ban their vaccinated customers from traveling due to the high risk of getting blood clots as a result of the vaccination.