The Lies of 2022 about the War in Ukraine (Part 2)

The “threat” that Kyiv is in possession of weapons of mass destruction or might be able to manufacture them has been one of Russia’s justifications for its war against Ukraine. Here are some of the most popular false claims on the topic, debunked by our team in 2022:

For years Russia has been saying that Ukraine is trying to develop its own nuclear weapon or dirty bomb. There hasn’t been any proof to support those claims, which have simply been used to justify Russia’s aggression. Read more here (content in Bulgarian).

The Kremlin’s allegations about biological research laboratories in Ukraine financed by the USA, remain unproven. According to Russian propaganda, those laboratories produce biological weapons and even mutant soldiers for the Ukrainian army. Read more here and watch here (content exclusively in Bulgarian).

The disinformation narrative about “American bio laboratories in Ukraine” also included Bulgaria. It is not true that Bulgarian soldiers are to be used in “biological experiments” financed by the Pentagon. Read more here and watch here (content in Bulgarian).

According to Russian propaganda, the alleged bio laboratories on Ukraine are used for the development of dangerous viruses, including the Covid-19 virus that caused the 2020 pandemic. Those claims are additionally reinforced by “confessions” on behalf of western scientists about the lab origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Read more here (content in Bulgarian).

Similar language is used in disinformation on the war in Ukraine and about Covid-19. The same strong, emotionally marked phrases stand out: ‘genocide’, ‘fascism/nazism’, ‘biological weapons’ and ‘experiments’. All of them are given a new, fabricated meaning and their use is contradicted by the facts. See more in the video (exclusively in Bulgarian).

Find out about more lies related to the war in Ukraine in Part One here.

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